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Sample from Indore on 2019-01-06
Sample from Indore on 2019-01-06
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Delicia from Canada on 2016-08-01
I am looking forward to your video, each time can make me very happy, thank you so wonderful performances
Charlotte from Alabama on 2016-08-01
You guys are really cool
Aurora from new York on 2016-08-01
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JACK from Alabama on 2016-07-26
aanrechtblad from usa on 2016-06-15
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Tadik from SF on 2016-03-25
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Kamilla from qwerty on 2016-02-06
This is a very good post which I really enjoy reading. It is not every day that I have the possibility to see something like this.
hunt hunter from ewrwr on 2015-11-01
i like english
贴心老大 from 北京 on 2014-11-15
Ties unloads from Beijing on 2014-11-14
Ties unloads from Beijing on 2014-11-14
贴心老大 from 北京 on 2014-11-10
贴心老大 from 北京 on 2014-11-10
印锐 from 南京 on 2013-09-22
印锐 from 南京 on 2013-09-22
sasha from shanghai on 2013-06-09
mark and craig: hello , i'm happy to see your video,it's funny,i like it !
Master_Craig from Shanghai on 2013-03-18
13) we wouldn't have to do some big action or very casual appearance --> we would be more careful of how we moved and behaved
14) wore a expensive clothe --> wear expensive clothes
15) I will very careful, --> I will be very careful
16) I would always concern on my clothe afraid that been dirty or break. --> I am always concerned that my clothes will get dirty or ripped.
17) at ordinary time --> normally
18) take off the expensive clothe --> take off my expensive clothes
19) put on cheap one --> put on cheap ones
20) because which can make me more dependable. --> because this makes me more responsible (?)
21) people wear different clothes can influence --> wearing different clothes can
ahmet from Bitlis on 2012-12-16
dapeng from china on 2012-10-08
How can I find the old list of "Today's Free English Lesson"?
孙杨(sunyang) from 西安(xi'an) on 2012-10-04
我想寻找一个英语语伴,我们相互学习。I want to find a english partner,we can study english and chinese together.
Mehmet from Istanbul,Turkey on 2012-08-09
I think, is the best major, Tourism Hospitality or Business Administration.
Lena from Khabarovsk, Russia on 2012-07-27
thank you so much! great videos with great soundtracks!
喵喵是只猫 from 上海 on 2012-07-27
Trista from shanghai on 2012-04-21
i am vivi from guangzhou on 2012-04-01
Dear mark Thanks for your communication platform ..小天地。。good good website..还有里面的老外中文都很优秀。哈哈
Laura Potten from Shanghai on 2012-03-01
My name´s Laura and I´m currently working for City Weekend magazine. For one of our future cover stories we are writing a piece about Shanghai´s comedy scene and as part of that I would like to interview you and some of the other people who are involved in Fengkuang Laowai. Our piece will be light-hearted and witty, and should give you guys (and girls?) good exposure to our readership. In addition, we will include information about how the readership can get involved and/or when your next gigs will take place. If you would like to be involved, please let me know. My section will need to be drafted by Tuesday at the latest, so I propose that the interview takes place tomorrow, if you are free. I´m happy to hop on the metro and
叶心的秋天 from 上海 on 2012-02-14
Anna from Maanshan on 2012-01-14
Would you like to make a friend with me? I am a teacher! I teach chinese student English and German . I also teach foreign students Chinese. God bless you ! Anna
月光 from 黑龙江 on 2011-11-07
PG from 杭州 on 2011-10-26
Jelly.ab from Zhongshan, China on 2011-10-25
Hi Mark and David, I found your website by chance. Your english is cool! But i have some questions. What's the goal of directing this kind of vedio? Do you want to help foreigners to learn chinese or english? Actually, i have a friend who is eager to learn oral chinese. Do you guys offer a platform or website to learn chinese together? heheh anyway, wish FENGKUANG LAO WAI all the best!!!
jessie from shanghai on 2011-08-25
yvonne from ShangHai on 2011-07-27
宋A琳 from 上海 on 2011-07-18
Hailey Meng from Shanghai on 2011-06-23
Hi there, My name is Hailey and I'm the performance editor of CitY Weekend magazine, Shanghai. I saw your event listing (June 25, Anar) on our website and am wondering if you guys perform regularly? I'd like to cover your next show on the magazine, please let me know! Thanks, Hailey
Ye Jun from Shanghai on 2011-06-22
Hi, This is Ye Jun, a reporter from the Global Times, an English-language newspaper in China. I find what you are doing intersting and am hoping to do a story about you for our paper. If you are interested in and open for an interview, please get back to me. Thanks!
张屹坤 from 松溪 on 2011-06-20
张屹坤 from 松溪 on 2011-06-20
amy ai from yantai on 2011-06-13
Selina from Beijing on 2011-04-17
薛东 from 内蒙古 on 2011-04-04
你们的视频太搞了·~ 支持你们~· 哈哈!!! 有机会来内蒙古玩哦~! 我们这里主要土特产有瓜子和西瓜。来请你们吃哈哈!
陈伟 from 安徽巢湖含山 on 2011-04-03
你们很有趣! 很棒! 希望你们在中国玩的开心!
Jenney from 上海 on 2011-03-31
hj from bj on 2011-03-24
joy from Nanjing on 2011-03-24
Sarah Li from Shanghai on 2011-03-19
哈哈,难以想象Dave竟然会翻跟头!!! 顺便说一下,我更喜欢第二集.继续努力哦 疯狂的老外们.
zy from 天津 on 2011-03-18
RR from xi'an on 2011-03-07
Haha, you are really funny! welcome to Xi'an
胡洋 from 重庆 on 2011-03-06
你们太棒了,很有才华。 尤其是力马克的表情太丰富了,常让我笑喷。 衷心的祝福你们:中文越说越流利;生活越来越幸福;节目越做越疯狂!!! 其实我真心想参与你们其中呢。虽然我是业余的,不过也有过视频制作小小经验,我可以让你们的节目视频更加好看哦。当然是不收费的,能参与其中已经很有乐趣了。 http://vlog.17173.com/m/xuanhuawoliu 这是我的播客,里面所有QQ飞车相关的视频都是我自己制作的,还蛮好看的。 有意就联系我。 MSN:cuicanyaoyang@live.cn QQ:865159524
刘英梅 from 哈尔滨 on 2011-03-05
我想交你这个外国朋友 可以吗?
stella from shanghai on 2011-03-01
want to know about crazy thing of urs.....
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